So, as planned, eldest flew the nest today. And I know he’s only just down the motorway, and I know he’ll stay in touch, and I know he’ll come back and visit, and I do really want it to work out for him. It is the way of the world, it is how it should be.

But now there’s an empty room in the house. There’s even more emptiness here than there was before. It’s quieter than it was before. I miss him already.¬†And it hurts. It feels like another loss. Sure, it’s not that kind of loss, but it’s a kind of grief nonetheless. For what was, and what will no longer be.

Life is hard. And relentlessly so. But then I knew that already, didn’t I? Wishing it ain’t so won’t make it so.

One day at a time. And tomorrow I will wake up to do it all over again. And the Spiderman is always hungry.

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