Some days are better than others

Somedays you just can’t get it together. Can’t hold it together. It all just gets away from you. I tried my best. I got some work done. I did some housework. I did everything I could to keep busy and distracted and…nope. Nothing worked. The tears flowed, over flowed, whatever, whenever, wherever.

Tash and I kind of had a plan to go out and have a drink at the pub early doors and go to the shop, but I just couldn’t face it. Not being out there, amongst people. I couldn’t find my game face, let alone put it on. Even if I had, it would have gotten washed off. Considering the amount of rain we were having, I guess maybe nobody would have noticed all the tears, but still…I just couldn’t do it. It’s just been one of those days… Sometimes you can’t make it on your own. And that’s ok, cos I had Tash. In a few weeks I won’t have. And I’ll have to go out if I want to see anyone or have anyone to talk to. Challenging times ahead. As ever.

If some days are better than others, I hope tomorrow is better.

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